Hey!😃 I did some serious Shop Therapy and selfloveandcare this Thanksgiving Day Weekend! Check out my most recent Insta post!🙈♥🛍😂

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Good morning y'all!🌞 I am completely shopped out from this #thanksgivingdayweekend and found some awesome #deals from #blackfriday and also decided to treat myself with some #namebrands for the first time ever in my life because I needed some serious #shoptherapy and a new wardrobe. I cleaned all my closets out and I still had clothes from the seventh grade!!!🙈 I was thinking to do a tradition of shopping once a year on Black Friday, but knowing us #women we love to #splurge but I always wanted to do that and keep my word or at least only shop for something during the year when its absolutely necessary or stick to a budget. But I sooo needed this! Ladies and gents don't be afraid to #treatyourself because we all need it and don't be ashamed either because sometimes a new outfit changes your whole persona and mentality on how you feel about yourself. Always love yourself and feel amazing and if you don't sometimes its ok just pick yourself up and ask yourself do I need some #metime because lets face it you need that time for yourself even if its going for a walk, reading a book in a coffee shop, exercising, or shopping 😂. A little #selfloveandcare never hurt anybody and you deserve it! Your body deserves it! Your mind deserves it! Just do it…with some restraint if you can… 🛍😆 P. Comment down below if you found Mickey Mouse in my pic?!😂♥ P.S. Comment down below what do you do to treat yourself? 🤔 P.P.S. Would you take the challenge of shopping once a year on black friday?😬 P.P.P.S. Follow,Like, and Comment for more content! P.P.P.P.S. Check out the link in my bio for all my writings and more about me!😊 #blogging #vlogging #hustlingwriterscommunity #lifestyle #macys #chanel #calvinklein #zara #influencer #statenislandmall #blogger #instawriters #lifeofawriter #writinginspiration #vlogger #thoughts #lifestylemodel #bloggersofinstagram #bloggerstyle #fashion

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