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Hey all! 👋😄 Please finish this quote: “Life is like a bus…” and comment down below if you get picked your quote gets put on this future sticker and 👕 and you maybe even get a 👕 for free once my store is up!😁 Read down below for details…🤔💭🙏

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Hey all! 👋😄 I've been working on this bus sticker for quite a while now and I want to write a quote about life on it but I have so many ideas of what the quote could be but don't know which one to pick. So can you help me out? It starts off like this: "Life is like a bus…" Now how would you finish it? I figured if I can't come up with something unique and original that others would be interested in why not my biggest supporters. I'm even thinking about turning this into a 👕!😮 Whoever gets chosen will have their quote on my sticker and future 👕 and will be publicly recognized maybe even get a free t-shirt once I get my shop up.😁 So let me know in the comments below. Now think…🤔💭🚌📝 P.S. Comment down below how would you finish the quote? 🤔 "Life is like a bus…" P.P.S.Do you have a product that you would like me market hit me up and I can write you an amazing post with your product and hashtag you?🕴💭 P.P.P.S. Follow,Like, and Comment for more content! 👣👍💬 P.P.P.P.S. Check out the link in my bio for the latest updates of my online store and more about me and my future motivational brand!💪😃 #personalgrowth #artistsoninstagram #blogging #blogger #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #instawriters #writingcommunity #bloggersofinstagram #writinginspiration#authorsofinstagram #entrepreneur #author #vlogger #thoughts #stickers #brand #product #marketing #store #tshirt #shop #anthropologie #life #nycbus #citybus #mta #nyc #bus #newyork

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Please Follow, Like, & Comment your quote and you make get picked! THANK YOU!❤🙏😁

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