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Going after a dream…🌷

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Hi everyone! 👋 I hope your having an amazing weekend! I have been doing a lot of changes to my website, my logo, my about section. I've been exploring my craft and redirecting my skills to a level that I'm comfortable with as well as trying to understand what works and doesn't work for me. I've been doing a lot of soul searching more then ever. Looking into many different art mediums, styles and I've been falling in love with making mixed media canvases, abstract art, maybe even paint pouring. I also do a lot of art journaling for my mental health and because I enjoy it and hope to share it with you all. I enjoy creating pieces that send a message and allows a person to expand their perspective maybe even create pieces that decorate homes. It hasn't been easy since I have such a huge learning curve and so many ideas but I'm willing to get there in due time. I think defining myself as an artist has helped me find myself a lot more and I hope to sell my canvases in my future shop. Stay Tuned for the many pieces I have been working on and hope to sell on my online shop! My goal is to create 10 different canvases using mixed media, paint pouring, and abstract and have them available to sell on my shop. So far I finished one mixed media which I will be sharing shortly along with a poem that I wrote for it which I hope to be one of the first pieces I sell in my online shop and I'm in the process of creating a second one which needs more materials. One of things that I love about mixed media is the vast materials I can use and have to go find which allows me to travel and explore a bit which is one of my favorite parts…scavenging!🤠😂 More to come! Also please check out the changes I made to my website! New logo!👆🌹 New Tag Line: "Creatively Self Express the Life that you Desire" I want to inspire others to go after what they want and send that message through my art!☺ New Welcome page: New About page: Yours truly!😎 Amana aka Manner Tanner 😆 👊💪🙏❤☺ Continued in the comment section…👇👇👇

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Thank you all for your likes, comments, follows!

Your support means everything!

I’m almost there! I will get there!🙏

Many many many thanks! ❤❤❤

On my way to scavenge now 🤠😂

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