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July 2020 Monthly Spread: Make Your Dreams Come True!!!✨❤🤗

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I'm loving my JULY 2020 MONTHLY SPREAD!!! It motivates me to take on July with confidence. I realize creating an artistic spread on my planner and incorporating my journaling and art journaling skills allows me to look at life with a different perspective and hopefully make my goals come into fruition. I hope it enables me to manifest my goals and bring abundance in my life by encouraging me to take on my to do's and follow through with them hopefully. Let's hope that my spread will motivate me into productive actions and manifest my dreams into reality and I encourage you all to do the same. ✨😄❤😍🙏 THIS IS MY: "MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE" PHRASE FOR THE MONTH OF JULY AND YOU BEST BELIEVE I'M GOING TO REALLY PUT MY HEART AND SOUL INTO MAKING THIS INTO REALITY. MY WORD OF THE MONTH IS : "DREAM" LETS DO THIS! WHOSE WITH ME!!! 😎👊🖐💪 P.: By the way here's the link of me making this spread or you can find the link in my profile: P.S. Please Follow,Like,Comment, and Subscribe to stay up to date with my online shop and my latest posts on my Instagram, blog site,and yes my YouTube channel!😍 P.P.S. Interested in a Mixed Media / Abstract piece made by me….I'm currently accepting requests by email pls check my profile for more info. 😊 P.P.P.P.S Thank you all so much for your support I really love making YouTube videos and creating posts to inspire others with my art and passion for life! Please don't forget to follow to stay up to date with all my posts and my Etsy shop!✌❤🤗 #personalgrowth #blogging #art #paintings #abstract #mixedmedia #onlineshop #etsyshop #artist #canvaspainting painting #shop #artwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #lifeofanartist #writinginspiration #artjournaling #mentalhealth #selfhelp #selflove #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #traverlersnotebook #planner #planningcommunity #july2020monthlyspread #4thofjuly #4thofjulyweekend #4thofjulyweekendspread #planning

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